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Wind and Clearwater Caves Tour

Tour Code: MZV2

Duration - Half Day - morning only

Clearwater Cave
Clearwater Cave
It goes without saying that any tour of Mulu should also include the popular tourist Caves - the Clearwater and Wind Caves, and the Deer and Lang Caves.

The visit to the Wind Cave necessitates a trip up the river by longboat. In the Wind Cave can be found the impressive "King's Chamber", and some wonderful examples of stalactites and stalagmites exhibiting delicate lace like patterns.

Boardwalk to Clearwater Cave - Mulu
Boardwalk to Clearwater Cave - Mulu
Clearwater Cave nearby is accessed by a boardwalk suspended from the limestone cliff. The cave is the home of a unique species of plant - the one leafed plant which can only be found at Mulu. Rare species of orchids and pitcher plants can be seen in many locations and photo-sensitive algae grow on certain rocks and have produced needle-like formations that point towards the source of light. Close to Clearwater Cave is a wonderful swimming area which is nicely shaded by giant rainforest trees, where you will be able to enjoy a lunch break.

Return to your accommodation after lunch. (Lunch included)

Tour CodeDestinationDurationInclusions1 Person2 People3 People
MZV2Wind and Clearwater CavesHalf Day (am)Lunch$197 $119 $119
Prices per person in Australian Dollars and valid 01 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 (E.O.E.) Refer to General Booking Conditions

Photographs courtesy of Forestry Sarawak and Manfred Leiter (Muenchen)