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Bidayuh Longhouse Tour

Tour Code: KCHBD1

Duration - Half Day

Longhouse at Anah Rais
Longhouse at Anah Rais
From Kuching, travel about one hour by coach to Anah Rais, which is located in the heart of the Padawan District (about 40 km from Kuching). Anah Rais is the largest Bidayuh longhouse in Sarawak. The Anah Rais Longhouse stands on the same site where the longhouse was first built 200 years ago. It is built mainly of bamboo, timber and Nipah palm leaves. The Bidayuh are delightfully warm and gentle people. Explore this peaceful Bidayuh village and learn about the culture of the Land Dayaks who were once headhunters. Visit the baruk (head house) where the skulls can be seen. (Lunch included)

Common Verandah - Longhouse at Anah Rais
Common Verandah - Longhouse at Anah Rais

Tour CodeDestinationDurationInclusions1 Person2 People3 People
KCHBD1Annah Rais Bidayuh
Longhouse Tour
4 hrsprivate tour$142 $80 $63
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Photograph courtesy of Sarawak Tourism