Penang Island is known for its sandy beaches, delicious food and old world charm. The beautiful 13.5 km long Penang Bridge links the mainland to the island known as the Pearl of the Orient, and it is also easily accessible by road and air.

Snake Temple, Penang
Snake Temple, Penang

An island of natural beauty and exotic heritage, it has perhaps more to offer per square kilometre than any other place on earth for sheer variety of locales, cultures and foods. A Chinese temple, an Indian temple, Muslim mosque and a one hundred year old church are a stone's throw apart. Likewise, modern tall buildings are juxtaposed with the red-tiled roofs of Chinatown and "Little India" is just across the street with the Malay Kampungs lying in the outskirts.

Batu Feringgi Beach, Penang
Batu Feringgi Beach, Penang

Minutes away, the peace and quiet, idyllic beaches and soothing hills are a welcome respite. The seamless melding of the many peoples of Penang is best reflected in the delicious variety of hawker foods available round the clock and the abundant year-round festivals celebrated by individual sectors but participated by all.

View to Penang Bridge from Penang Hill
View to Penang Bridge from Penang Hill

Georgetown, is no longer a rundown place. UNESCO world heritage status, granted in 2008, has saved historic buildings from the wrecking ball. Sumptuous Chinese mansions and maze-like shop-houses are being elegantly transformed into boutique hotels, art galleries, restaurants and bars.

Penang Clock Tower - erected to commemorate
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897

Penang Clock Tower - erected to commemorate Queen Victoria's 
													Diamond Jubilee in 1897

On the street, there are still the busy markets, artisan workshops, strange medicinal shops and delicious hawker stalls that make Georgetown one of the last surviving authentic Chinatowns.

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Photographs courtesy of John Elliott