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Ulu Ai Longhouse and Jungle Tour

Tour Code: KCHUL5

Duration - 5 Day/4 Night

Visiting a Pepper Farm
Visiting a Pepper Farm
Day 1

Depart Kuching by air-conditioned van for Batang Ai reservoir situated about 4 1/2 hours away. You will travel through rural Sarawak, passing pepper gardens, cocoa and rubber plantation. En-route, a few stops will be made. Visit the colourful native market in Serian town where a variety of jungle produce such as edible ferns, bamboo shoots and unusual tropical fruit are on display. Visit a pepper garden and stop by to view wild orchids and several species of pitcher plants. A stop will be made for lunch enroute (lunch not included in price). Upon arrival at the Batang Ai reservoir, proceed by longboat about 1 to 2 hours upriver to Nanga Sumpa which is recognised as one of the region's best examples of village based tourism. Michael Palin of Monty Python fame, has also been a visitor to Nanga Sumpa Longhouse.

Nanga Sumpa Longhouse
Nanga Sumpa Longhouse
Settle in at the jungle lodge. the accommodation is in a separate lodge to the village Longhouse, which provides simple, clean lodging with Western style toilets, mosquito netting, mattresses and clean linen. The meals are prepared in the lodge and feature fresh jungle vegetables and other local delicacies.

The longhouse is situated just by the banks of the river and upon arrival, the village headman or one of his people will welcome you to the longhouse. The Iban are legendary when it comes to good hospitality and you will be immediately made welcome to their home. You can hold conversations with them through your guide, and learn their way of life and maybe even experience some of it for yourself. You can also take a stroll on the grounds and take in the simple, relaxed lifestyle that is longhouse living.

Enjoying Longhouse Hospitality
Enjoying Longhouse Hospitality
After dinner proceed to the longhouse across the river. Relax on the ruai (common verandah) and spend time with the Iban people. Interact with the community; learn about their culture and enjoy some local rice wine. Overnight lodge. (Lunch and Dinner included)

Handicrafts on sale on the Ruai
Handicrafts on sale on the Ruai

Day 2

Following breakfast, hike the jungle trails along the river. Your destination is the scenic Enseluai Waterfall. You will have the option to visit a second Iban longhouse at Nanga Jambu. You will have time to relax, swim, explore the rainforest and have lunch or try fishing Iban-style. Then, proceed to the jungle shelter. You can help your guides by gathering jungle produce like bamboo shoots or edible ferns for the evening meal. Orang-utan are occasionally seen (at dusk or at dawn) in this area. Overnight in the jungle shelter. (Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner included)

Day 3

Longboat on the River
Longboat on the river
Follow one of the rainforest trails in the area to look for orang-utans and other wildlife like the pig-tailed macaque, hornbills and other variety of birds. While the orang-utans are only occasionally seen, their nests and feeding area can be observed. Have a picnic lunch on the trail before returning to the jungle shelter. You will also have time for swimming and relaxing. (Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner included)

Note: Leeches are found in this area. Insect repellent is effective against leeches, as is talcum powder on your legs, or leech socks.

Day 4

A morning trek in the forest, swim or relax before returning down river to the Nanga Sumpa's jungle lodge. In the afternoon, take the opportunity to explore the surrounding area. Dinner is served in the lodge with local delicacies to enhance the meal. Visit the longhouse in the evening. Woven blankets and handicrafts are available for display upon request and may be purchased directly from the longhouse people. This is also another form of income for the inhabitants. Visitors can purchase these items, usually things like rattan mats, pua kumbu, bamboo crafts, beads, pottery, wooden carvings and so on. Prices are very reasonable but visitors are free to negotiate with the families selling the articles. (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included)

Day 5

Following breakfast, depart down river by longboat, then overland. Lunch en route. Proceed to Kuching and transfer to your hotel. Check in or transfer to the airport for your departure.(Breakfast, and Lunch included)

Tour CodeDestinationDurationInclusions1 Person2 People3 People
KCHUL5Ulu Ai Longhouse and
Jungle Safari
4 Day/3 NightFull BoardN/A $907 $907
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Photograph courtesy of Borneo Adventure