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Temburong District

The Temburong District is separated from the rest of Brunei by Brunei Bay and a sliver of Sarawakian territory. Temburong hovers to the northwest of Bandar Seri Begawan, summoning visitors to take the short step into another world.

On the river trip to Bangar , which is Temburong District's main town, you will see monkeys in the mangroves and monitor lizards basking in the sun at low tide. Some patches of land have been cultivated by resident Murut and Iban Malays, virgin rainforest flourishes across the greater part of Temburong.

Frequent speed boat ferry services are available between Bandar Seri Begawan and Bangar. The river trip takes less than an hour. There is no departure schedule, boats leave when they have collected 12 passengers. The last boat from Bangar to Bandar Seri Begawan departs at 16.00 hrs.

Temuai (dug-out longboat) can be hired in and around Bangar to go up-river and are still the best way of experiencing the jungle waterways of Borneo.

Kuala Belalong Mini Park

This park was opened on 22 July 1993, by the Sultan when he visited the district on his 47th birthday. Kuala Belalong Mini Park's gardens incorporate a number of attractions echoing the renowned Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre (see below)

The park is located about 1 kilometre from Bagar, the main town, Bangar. Its features include a pond used for remote-controlled boat racing and six pondok (huts) of similar design to those at the Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre. Three pondok house pictorial records of the sultan's visit to Temburong and the activities of the local people, while the other three house findings made at the Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre.

The park is an excellent alternative for those unable to visit the more remotely located Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre.

Batang Duri Park

Batang Duri Park is bordered by towering forest and overlooks the crystal clear waters of the Temburong River. It is located about 16km from Bangar. There are timber walkways for strolling and playgrounds for children, and although swimming is allowed in the river, the current can be very strong.

Kuala Belalong Rainforest Field Studies Centre

The famous Rainforest Field Studies Centre is located near Kuala Belalong in the Batu Apoi Forest Reserve. It is a joint venture of Brunei Shell Petroleum and Universiti Brunei Darussalam. The centre was established as a training and research base focusing on the study of Brunei's lowland tropical forests.

A streamside complex of seven timber houses, the centre provides field research facilities catering to a range of enquiry levels - from bona fide overseas scientists to parties from universities, secondary schools and government bodies.

You may need to spend  up to two and a half hours pushing and pulling a long boat over a series of 23 upriver rapids in order to reach the centre. Aside from the sheer beauty of the site, its importance can be distilled from the experience of just one entomologist who found over 400 species of beetle on a single tree in this area.

The centre also offers limited accommodation and dining facilities.

Bukit Patoi Recreational Park

The Bukit Patoi Recreational Park is about 15km from Bangar, and is Located within the Peradayan Forest Reserve.

The park has many unusual cave and rock formations, and the  1070 ha territory is also home to a variety of readily seen wildlife such as Borneo's native kijang (deer).

The reserve encompasses the twin hills of Bukit Peradayan, which rises to 410m (1,225ft), and Bukit Patoi, at 310m (950ft) above sea level.

The patch of level stone on Bukit Patoi's summit is used as a helipad, and cooled by a pleasant breeze, it is also a viewing  deck from which to enjoy panoramic views of the jungle, sea and villages and fields of neighbouring Sarawak.

It takes about two hours to negotiate the 1.6km-winding trek to the park.

Ulu Temburong National Park

Ulu Temburong National Park occupies approximately 50,000 ha of the Batu Apoi Forest Reserve. The park's locality and steep, swampy terrain have limited human impact on the area and helped preserve its rich biodiversity.

Established forest trails through the park include 7km of timber boardwalks, which protect ground vegetation and help prevent erosion. A canopy walkway affords visitors an opportunity to observe the rainforest's surprisingly diverse treetop ecosystems.

In addition, a series of tree houses some 20m above the ground, and linked by hanging bridges, provide excellent observation points.

The Ulu Temburong Park Headquarters and Information Centre, is located at the junction of the Temburong and Belalong Rivers. Access to the park is by temuai or longboat, and visitor accommodation within the park consists of some seven guesthouses and three well-equipped campsites.

Trekking in Temburong

Short trekking tours through farmlands and virgin forest to the Ulu Temburong National park are ideal for those who enjoy, or would like to try, jungle trekking.


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